"Southey's alternative folk... sets the bar for divergent Canadian folk in a new era."

- The Littlest Voice

"He has created his own distinct sound and music... An [indie musician] who demands your attention.

- Aaron Badgley of Spill Magazine

"He can pull off singing softly, similar to Bahamas or Sufjan Stevens, but can also belt beautifully (which I never hear those artists do)..."

- The Soundtrack

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Important Update Re: #DayLikeItsNightTour for Mental Health

June 16, 2020

As of 20 minutes ago I deposited the last of the donations into the CAMH donations page.

🎆🎆🌌🌌🎶WE OFFICIALLY DONATED OVER $1,000 to CAMH in support of #MentalHealth in #Toronto🎶🌅🌅🌠🎇

To everyone who donated, thank you. Some of you couldn’t come out to the shows you bought tickets for due to COVID, but that you were willing to support this and me and the other musicians on the tour means a lot.

The fact that I get to write this post and celebrate that we all reached that milestone is huge. If possible, I’d love to continue the #DayLikeItsNightTour for mental health after the pandemic is over. Did I ever think I’d write THAT sentence? No.

Hopefully iconic places like the @horseshoetavern will still have me and the other talented musician who were on the show’s bill so we can get the ending to the tour we all wanted. It may be some ways away. If it’s in early 2021, it’ll mean the tour ends approximately a year after it began. Yeah.

Thank you everyone and I hope that although this isn’t as topical as it was many months ago, it provides a little good news in your daily feed of bad news.

Thank you, finally, to outlets like @exclaimdotca and @blogto for writing about the tour. •

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